Knowing if Development Issues are Caused by Your Business Team

John Shiple is Founder of FreelanceCTO ( In this video he talks about knowing if development issues are caused by your business team.

  • Tech team replaced recently
  • Consistent explanations from tech
  • Business hasn’t spent time to understand tech


A common problem with companies I see is determining where problems occur where an original fault or blame lie. I don’t like playing the blame the game but there’s a benefit to understanding why things happen.

So to that end there are a set of questions that I ask the business side to determine if the business side is at fault and in a lot of cases I’m talking to the business side and it’s the farthest thing from their mind. It’s always development, it’s always the technology side and that’s not necessarily true. So you should look at yourself and ask these questions and see what the answers are.

So the first tip I have is have you replaced the tech team once or more than once from recent memory. If you’re cycling through technology people, that’s a warning sign that you’re not communicating clearly and not conveying what you want built.

The second case if you do have a team in place and your constantly asking them for explanations, are these explanations consistent? If the team is telling you the same thing may be in different ways but it’s the same thing I would look more on the business side. It may not be tech because they’re on the same page.

And finally have you spent time as you know the business owner on the business team understanding technology. You don’t have to know how to code or program but you should understand in either how the product works or what some of the more interesting technical challenges are.

Once you understand you know, once you dig in to yourself then you’ll be able to work with tech.