How to Bridge the Differences Between Business and Technology

John Shiple is Founder of FreelanceCTO ( In this video he discusses how to bridge the differences between business and technology.

  • Form relationships
  • Educate other team members
  • Lead by example

The common problem in a lot companies that I see are the differences between the business and technology, their cultural issues, their communication issues. They have a significant impact on the business, but really, the root causes are cultural communication and so on.

So what are some tactics you can employ to address these kinds of issues. And these applied both to the business person and to the technology person, because in all of these examples those are the two pieces that need to be together in order for your company to function.

So the first is to form relationships. Techies are raised and educated very differently than business people, but you could still connect. It might be over sport. It might be over lunch. You don’t have to be best friends, but you should be on speaking terms, able to connect, able to relate and you’ll be able to see these in the culture that you create in your company.

The second is going out of your way to educate other team members what’s going on. If you’re a tech guy, go talk to marketing sales and biz type. You’ll dramatically improve your results by knowing what their life is like. If you’re a biz type person, make time to interact with the technology. That might be the easiest way to get something built or fixed is just having a good relationship with someone. But you have to educate, you have to explain, put things in business terms so that they’re easily understood.

And finally, set the example. I feel silly when I say this, one, just because it’s kind of like management 101, but if you are acting out, your team is going to act out. If the business side is irascible and not getting along with the technology side, it’s on you to fix it whether you’re the CEO or the CTO.

Well, the differences between business and technology maybe significant, by applying the tactics I just mentioned you should be able to close the gap, increase communication and improve your product and business.