3 Insider Tips for QR Codes To Boost Your Business

Gabrielle Pascoe is a Media Marketing Consultant (http://www.littlebird.com/). In this video she discusses 3 insider tips for QR codes to boost your business.

  • Embed a QR code in video
  • Add QR codes to name badges for networking
  • Incorporate an image into a QR code design


QR Codes are really exciting piece of technology that is still a little nascent. It’s still emerging. You might see them some places may be you’re in the grocery store and you see a little square box that looks like that television that’s on the fritz. That’s a QR code and if you point your phone at it you’ll get additional information about whatever the person who created that QR code wanted you to see.

One way that people haven’t really done a lot-- QR codes haven’t been exploited to their fullest yet and one way that you can take advantage of that is to put a QR code in video. Traditionally QR codes are printed on materials and you point your phone at it to get a video. But you can also do it the other way around.

Put it in a video. Point your phone at it to get more information about the video. This is useful in commercials. The BBC just recently did a very effective campaign using that technology. You might also consider if you’re throwing an event. Throw a QR code on everybody’s badge. When people point their phone to the QR code then they can--that information is recorded. After the conference they can go back and see who they met. It’s better than exchanging the clumsy act of business cards and you’ll have an accurate record of who you met at that--your event.

You might also consider embedding an image in the QR code. You can actually if you work with a very good QR code company, the QR code doesn’t have to look like a television that’s on the fritz. It can actually have a picture inside of it that is related to your brand. So those are just a few ways to use QR codes that may be you haven’t thought of yet.