Improving Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in 90 Seconds

Thomas Ciszek is Manager of The Search Agency ( In this video he discusses improving your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in 90 seconds.

  1. Identify keyword rankings
  2. Properly structure your web architecture
  3. Hyperlinks & page rank determine authority
  4. Media assets influence search ranking


SEO in 90 seconds. Let’s start with keywords. First identifying what keywords your website ranks for or could rank for in the search engines is one way to optimize it. Looking for opportunities where your website might be ranking on the second page but could be on the first page with very little effort is a simple no-brainer way to move yourself up in the search.

Second is having a sound information architecture. Having a website that lacks duplicate content. That is well structured and easily discoverable by the search engines. Having both an XML and on page site map are two ways to develop crawl paths to your content for search. One thing that is often overlooked is hyperlinks. Hyperlinks and page ranker the basis of which Google determines authority for a particular web asset looking at what content is on a page. Making sure that content is there and matching that up with kind of an expectation of search volume is one way you can optimize your existing content for potential new traffic.

Third is looking at different media assets. Increasingly photos, video are ranking material in the search engines and placing keywords and promoting them in ways where people are able to find them are excellent ways to drive traffic to your site and make your brand known. This is just a quick primer in SEO 90 seconds long.