Google+ vs. Facebook: What's the difference?

Thomas Ciszek is Manager of The Search Agency ( In this video he talks about the difference between Google+ and Facebook.

  1. Ad integration vs. ad-free
  2. People geared ads vs. keyword ads
  3. Google wallet vs. Facebook credits

Google+ and Facebook are the same along many lines and at the same time different. Facebook, much older than Google+ from a social networking standpoint, it’s, you know, 7 years old; Google+, only a few months here in 2011.

One way the two are very different at this point is the advertisement integration. Facebook advertises along their right-hand side bar. Google Plus is not currently monetizing their social platform.

However, Google+ is growing at an incredible rate. None of the other social networks, LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, have seen explosive growth the way Google has translated their Gmail service into a social network. Facebook, on the other hand, is an organic social network.

And so, it has yet to be seen which one is better, but I’m going to lean towards Google+. A remarkable way in which they do differ, philosophically speaking, Facebook targets ads towards people. The advertisements are centered around a given demographic, sharing with your friend’s idea. Google on the other hand bases most of their advertisement on a keyword level basis. There’s also a geographical and some demographic information there, but for the most part, it’s not centered around the person.

One way I think we’ll see this change is that, as Google+ continues to develop and embrace businesses is that Google Wallet and more paid activities within Google will come to the surface of their social network. Right now, on Facebook, you can buy Facebook credits. Essentially, it’s digital currency that you can use to buy things.

On Google, that same notion will apply. You’ll be sharing coupons, you’ll be sharing offers with each other and I’ll see you guys on there.