3 Tips for Finding the Right Name for Your Company

Taylor McPartland is President & Co-founder of FilmBreak ( In this video he discusses 3 tips for finding the right name for your company.

  1. Reflect company objective
  2. Short & simple (under 3 syllables)
  3. Easy to type


When starting a company there’s a lot of questions, a lot of very important questions that you need to answer. Number one on this list is probably naming the company itself. With my company FilmBreak, we came up with a list of important points that we felt we needed to hit to find a great name.

Number one is we wanted to make sure that our customers when they saw our name had at least an idea of what domain we were in and what type of people we were going after.

Secondly we wanted to keep it short. Ideally around two syllables may be three. If you get into a name that’s as long as a sentence it becomes too difficult to say. People aren’t going to say it.

And finally we wanted to make a name that was easy to type on a keyboard. It sounds funny to say but some words are easier to type than others and if your name is too difficult to type people aren’t going to type it. They’re going to go type one of your competitor’s names and you’re out.

So again these are simple guidelines that really helped us come up with a great name. Hopefully they’ll work for you as well and good luck.