How to Cold Email Someone Important

Joey Flores is CEO & Co-founder of Earbits ( In this video he discusses how to cold email someone important.

  1. Be certain of who you need to speak with
  2. Keep your email brief & to the point
  3. Have an approach strategy
  4. Allow 5-6 days before following up


Cold e-mailing important decision maker is about the same as trying to get them a hold on the phone. The number one tip is, you know, make sure that you got the right person. If you’re e-mailing somebody very important with something very low level, you know, they’re probably not going to forward you and they’re probably going to think you’re wasting their time, so make sure you got the right person. Keep your e-mail very brief to the point. Let them know that you respect their time, you respect them, and let them know exactly what you hope to accomplish so that they can get back to you in the shortest amount of effort possible.

You know, know whether the person you’re speaking to you need to be either humble or confident. You need to be humble when you’re asking them for help and you don’t have much to offer. When you’re bringing something to the table that you think is very valuable, you need to be a little more confident. Let them know why you’re a great product or a great team and go that route. And then, you know, they’re busy, important people are always busy so respectfully follow up I’d say 5 to 6 days later. Use the same e-mail strings so that they know you’ve reached out before. Maybe they didn’t see the first one or maybe they set it aside, forgot to respond to it. But at the end of the day, use the same e-mail thread so that they can look back and say, “Oh, this guy contacted me before. I didn’t get back to him.” Typically by the third e-mail, they’ll feel a little guilty and get back to you with some sort of feedback.

So if you need to e-mail someone important, pick the right person, be brief. Let them know you respect their time and then, you know, feel free to follow up. But again, be respectful of their time and do it in the same thread.