Getting to a Decision Maker in Sales or Business Development

Joey Flores is CEO & Co-founder of Earbits ( In this video he discusses talks about getting to a decision maker in sales or business development.

  1. Know who you’re trying to call ahead of time
  2. Be well-mannered to whomever answers the phone
  3. Be friendly, confident & familiar
  4. Be forthcoming & direct
  5. Being polite & professional allows for relentlessness


I think the key to getting to a decision maker in sales or business development is first off, knowing who that person is before you call. If you call a receptionist whose job it is to block people who are trying to solicit the company from getting through to an important person and you say I would like to speak to somebody about buying ads on our platform, you know you’re going to get voicemail. But if you call and say I need to speak to John Walsh, this is Joey and then you know move from there you’re in a much better position.

So know who you’re trying to get a hold of first. One of the ways you can do is call the company. Ask who to follow up with. Use a different name you know use a different phone or whatever it is. Find out who that person is by getting you know put through to their voicemail and then wait a couple days, call back and ask to speak with that person directly as if you’ve never tried to call there before.

It’s important to be super nice to the person who answers the phone. They’re going to you know you get more honey with or more bees with honey than you do with vinegar. So I think it’s important that you just treat that person really well with respect and mostly act not only friendly but confident and familiar like may be you’ve spoken to the person more. Hey I need to speak with John. John who, oh John Walsh, he’s in charge of sales or whatever it is. If you act like you’ve spoke to that person 10 times they’re more likely to put you through than if you say hi I think I need to speak with John.

When you leave a voicemail or when you’re talking to the person say what’s regarding. Tell them what you want to accomplish. Say I’m looking to talk to them about an ad purchase you know I’ve sent him a couple of e-mails and he asked me to follow up or whatever it is and at the end of the day if you’re polite and professional you can be relentless, call this person much as you have to. You know don’t be obnoxious but you know every four days as long as you’re polite and being professional, call as often as you want and people will eventually pick up the phone.