5 Secrets to Successful Leadership for Small Business

Justin Hong is a Managing Partner at Highly Relevant (http://www.highlyrelevant.com/). In this video he discusses 5 secrets to successful leadership for small business.

  1. You must lead by example
  2. Work side-by-side with your team
  3. Follow-through on everything you say
  4. Always give your undivided attention
  5. Recognize challenges as opportunities for growth

Leadership is a topic that sometimes gets overlooked by entrepreneur who are running their own small businesses. Of course in a large corporation, you’re going to need leadership but I also think that in small business especially once you start building up your team and having other people help build your business, leadership is truly an important factor in building up that business.

Five secrets to successful leadership for small businesses that I have are number one, I would say leading by example is crucially important because others look to you as the example. You set the tone in your work environment. If you show up late for meetings, other people will think that they can show up late for meetings too but if you’re in there and working hard, come in early as a first one to gets to the office and the last one to leave, other people see that as the example that they should follow. And so leading by example is really important secret to having leadership in your small business.

The second secret that I have would be to get into trenches and share in the struggle with your team. And just because you have people working for you and with you now, it doesn’t mean that you don’t get into ground work and do that type of work and you’re not better than anybody else. And if you have that attitude that you are better than other people because they’re working for you, then other people will lose respect for you, but if you’re sharing the struggle that with everybody sharing the hardship with your team, other people will respect you and see you as a true leader.

A third tip that I have is to do the things that you say that you will do and the things that you have committed to do. By doing that, you will build your credibility and other people will view you as somebody who’s trustworthy and that’s a sign of good leadership.

Fourth tip that I have would be to make each person you talk to on your team feel like he or she is the most important person in the whole room when you’re engaging with them because people want to feel like their opinions matter. And by you listening as the leader, other people will feel good and it builds resonance within your team.

And then the last tip that I have for successful leadership for small businesses is to have a good attitude and view events, potentially negative events that occur as opportunities to learn. Have a positive outlook on these type of events because you really if you get in there, if you become negative about a certain event, other people who look to you for leadership will be negative as well. But if you view challenges that occurs opportunities to learn, other people will start developing that positive attitude as well which will enable the business to do better for all.

So those are some leadership tips that I have for entrepreneur who want to grow their small businesses.