Human Resources

How to Use Daily Checklists to Maximize Your Time

Justin Hong is a Managing Partner at Highly Relevant ( In this video he discusses how to use daily checklists to maximize your time.

  1. Choose your platform
  2. Identify your daily tasks
  3. Identify day-specific tasks
  4. Review checklist on a daily basis

The primary benefit of using daily check was-- is that you can free up your energy that to focus on your most important task. That means that, you know, every single day you have things to do, you don’t have to come in and think about what I do I need today. You already have an organized list of foundational items that you know for sure that you’re going to be doing. So, I’m going to be talking about a four-step process in how to utilize daily checklist and maximize you day.

So, number one, you have to pick that platform or the document that you want to use to-- just to create your daily checklist on. Personally, I use an Excel spreadsheet. I lay out Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday the whole week. And then I use that as my platform but you can use you know the chalkboard or whiteboard, a piece of paper, whatever platform you feel comfortable with. So that’s identifying and using a platform would be step one for creating a daily checklist.

The second thing that you want to do is you want to identify tasks that you’ll be doing every single day. Whether that’d be, you know, you check your e-mails everyday but perhaps you just set a time like I check my e-mail everyday at 9:00 a.m. So, you would put that in Monday to Friday across the board that you’re going to check your e-mails. After you set the tasks that you’re going to be doing every single day, there’s probably day’s specific task like specific task you’re going to do on Friday, perhaps follow up with this particular client so you would put that—those day’s specific task onto the spreadsheet as well or whatever platform that you’re going to be using.

And the fourth step, maximizing your time with daily checklist is to review your checklist daily. You want to remain disciplined and follow and just go down the checklist of items that-- of things that you need to do. And by using this daily checklist, you’ll be able to spend more time and energy on more important tasks.