3 Common Pitfalls in Using Business Systems and Processes

Justin Hong is a Managing Partner at Highly Relevant (http://www.highlyrelevant.com/). In this video he talks about 3 common pitfalls in using business systems and processes.

  1. Neglecting to create a system or process
  2. Not fully understanding the process
  3. Having the wrong person execute the process


Building great business systems and processes are crucial to the success of any business, but there are certain pitfalls that you need to watch out for before creating those systems and processes.

The number one pitfall is not creating any systems and processes at all. A lot of entrepreneurs don’t know about the importance of creating systems and processes and therefore they have to do everything themselves and their business can’t scale. When they bring in people to help work on their business, those people aren’t sure what they’re doing and it just increase its effectiveness if you have good systems and processes in place.

The second common pitfall is not understanding the entire process that you’re trying to create. So basically the way to resolve this issue is to do whatever it is you want to document in your system or process yourself first. Make sure that you are doing it correctly and then documenting it so that way you know for sure that your system or process is solidified correctly.

And then the third common pitfall is having the wrong person execute that process or system. Process and systems, they vary in people with certain talents and skills need to be doing certain things to make the systems much more effective.

So these are three common pitfalls of using business systems and processes.