How to Succeed as an Entrepreneur in a New City

Kyle Ellicott is CEO of Codeita ( In this video he talks about how to succeed as an entrepreneur in a new city.

  1. Attend Meetups & events
  2. Build your relationships & network
  3. Get involved with the local community
  4. Give back & share with the community

When moving to a new city as an entrepreneur, it's always tough. Especially if you're going to somewhere where there's a community just starting or no community. When I first started there wasn't very much of a community and you had to rely on others who felt the same and had the same type of passion for starting companies or starting business or products, anything. You know, it's very difficult. But when moving to a new city that does have a community, you know, there's a few things that you can follow to help you succeed as an entrepreneur in that new city.

One, you know, attend meet-ups and events. Look out, search on or on Google you know, whatever you can find. Find some kind of event that you can go to and connect with other entrepreneurs that have -- are very like minded as yourself.

Two, build relationships. Those people that you meet at that event or those events or those meet-ups are just even at you know, some random place, build those relationships, build on them. Don't let them just fade in the dark, actually connect and engage with them.

Three, engage with the actual community. You know, when you're in an area with the community, they're there to help. It's not something that they're going to push you away from. They're there to welcome and help you build because then it helps the community build. In Santa Monica for instance, that was something that happened where, you know, there was a community that was growing and more and more people came and gave more, took more and the community then benefited from all that interaction.

Lastly, number four, give back. You know, show-- share your passion back with the community. If the community is helping you grow, feel free to give back you know, give users or people of the community free trials of your product. You know, share your knowledge, share your wealth with the community and help that community continue to grow. In summary it's difficult being an entrepreneur in general. It's difficult being an entrepreneur in a new city. But look to those 4 points and look to those events and communities to help build the relationships and help you get on your feet and continue to be the best entrepreneur that you can be.