Google Analytics Metrics For SEO

Rex Freiberger is an SEO Expert ( In this video he discusses Google analytic metrics for SEO.

  1. Google analytics is the best
  2. Focus on segmentation for branded and non-branded traffic
  3. Google webmaster tools integration into analytics
  4. Set up goals to find conversion rates


When doing SEO and analyzing traffic, the number one analytic software out there is the free one, Google Analytics. However, you need to understand which metrics do you need to look at in order to understand SEO.

The number one metric that you need to look at is segmentation of branded versus non-branded traffic. Okay. So when you’re looking at search engine traffic and you have a strong brand, a lot of your search engine traffic can come from your branded traffic, so what you need to do is you need to segment that branded traffic out and only look at the non-branded traffic and that’s going to tell you how healthy your SEO campaign is doing, so that’s the first metric that you need to look at, non-branded versus branded traffic.

The second one that you need to be on the lookout for is Google Webmaster Tools integration into Analytics. Google Webmaster Tools allows you to see impressions and clickthroughs on your keywords that people are searching so if you don’t have that installed, you need to install it. What you’re going to do is you’re going to marry Google Webmaster Tools data and Google Analytics data together. And when that happens, it’s going to be fantastic. Right now, it’s in a pilot program but be on the lookout for that.

The other thing that I suggest you do is set up goals in Analytics. You need to set up your goals for what a conversion is on your site whether that’s a sale or a lead. Once you have these goals setup, you can then track which keywords are sending the most conversions. So if you’re doing SEO on a particular keyword and you see that it has a high conversion rate, then you can put more resources and more energy into that keyword to rank it even higher.

So those are three things that you need to understand and three metrics that you need to understand for Google Analytics for SEO.