Google Secrets for Local Marketing

Rex Freiberger is an SEO Expert ( In this video he discusses Google secrets for local marketing.

  1. Get verified with Google
  2. Get more citations
  3. Do competitor research & copy citations

So, what I do as to consulting for large enterprise clients and e-commerce websites, I also consult with local business operations and these local companies are looking for these secrets to get ranking for their keywords whether it’s a city plus their keyword. So, Los Angeles Plumbing for instance. So, I’m going to give you three secrets on how rank higher on the local results of Google.

Okay, the first thing you need to do is simple. Get verified. You need to get verified with Google as son as you add you business listing to Google Places. This is very simple to do but they do need to call you and verify your address. Once you do that, that’s going to really help you against your competition because a lot of them for some reason don’t verify their address. They just submit it. So, it’s the first secret that you can do.

The second secret that you can do is getting more citations of your website specifically this is your local address, your [bricked and mortar] address, that’s what a citation is. So, you need to put more local addresses on other websites. The more you have citations like this, the better and you can do this on local directories like and things like that.

Now, the third secret is to actually tell you how do you get more citations and what you need to do is to do some competitor research. Copy the citations from the competitor. Now what you need to do type in you r keyword and find your competition in the local listings. You click on their Reviews. Okay, the number of reviews that they have and there one you got to go to that page, you click on more about this place at the bottom of the page. And once you’ve clicked that, you’ll see all of the citations that they’ve gotten and you simply copy those.

So, those are three secrets to Google local marketing.