Tips for Saving Money for Business Travel

Dan Gura is Senior Vice President of Jet Luxury Resorts ( In this video he discusses tips for saving money for business travel.

  1. Write off travel expenses whenever possible
  2. Subscribe to flash sale sites: TravelZoo, Groupon, Living Social, Jetsetter
  3. Check travel sites for discounts


There are a couple of tips that I have to help you save money when you’re traveling. First is if you can write off your business expense, your travel expense, you can certainly do that. Obviously, if you want to talk to your accountant to see what you can and cannot write off, but oftentimes when you’re traveling in business, you can write off that expense so that’s recommended.

The second thing is to look at various flash sale sites. There’s a couple of different flash sale sites out there like Travelzoo that has a flash sale component site now to it, Groupon, Living Social, Jetsetter; these are great websites that offer discounted pricing for travel.

And finally there are some internet sites out there like Travelzoo and Hotwire that provide great discounts and great products, cities across the country, hotels, planes, flights, anything associated with travel, so those are some great sites to get. So those are some of the tips that I have for helping save money when you travel and really helping your bottom line.