Why You Need to Listen to Your Customers

Dan Gura is Senior Vice President of Jet Luxury Resorts (http://www.jetluxuryresorts.com/index.cfm). In this video he discusses why you need to listen to your customers.

  1. Satisfied customers mean growth for the company
  2. Satisfied customers lead to more referrals
  3. Satisfied customers build brand loyalty


I think that listening to your customers is a really important component in a business. You have to know what the customer wants. At the end of the day, the customer is the one who is driving your revenue, driving your sales and you want to make the customers satisfied. You want them to be happy with whatever service or product that you’re selling or providing.

So customer satisfaction is really important for growth. It’s really important for referrals. Our business really relies on referrals, word of mouth, people telling other people how great our product was and our service was and they have to use Jet Luxury Resorts because it’s, you know, not only great hotel but the process and the experience that they had in booking with us was so easy and user friendly and it helps build brand loyalty.

When you listen to your customers, it helps really build that brand loyalty and they understand sort of like McDonald’s. If you book with Jet Luxury Resorts, you’re going to expect a certain service and a certain quality product, so that’s really, really important to listen, listen to your customers and know what they want because sometimes they want change and you have to be able to respond.