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Why You Can't Be a Successful Blogger if it's a Hobby

Jessica Gottleib is a public speaker & blogger ( In this video she discusses why you can't be a successful blogger if it's a hobby.

  1. Make a set publishing schedule
  2. Site design is expensive, but necessary
  3. Quality SEO & SEM are very important


Blogging is a wonderful hobby to have and blogging is a wonderful business, but my experience tells me that a hobby, hobby as blogger is not a professional blogger. And really, if you want to go into pro blogging, you really need to just make that move and call yourself a blogger by trade.

There are three things that are going to distinguish the hobbyist from the professional. The first one is a blogging schedule. A publishing schedule is absolutely critical. People need to come to your site and know that there’s going to be fresh content five days a week. It could get away with three days a week, I don’t recommend that.

Secondly, design cost money. If you are a gifted designer, but make that your job, okay? But good design cost money and you’re going to have to put some money behind your blog.

Thirdly, it’s wonderful to build an organic audience because, you know, your third cousin knows 700 people that want to read your blog but to be a good blogger, you’re going to need some SCO and SCM. It’s search engine optimization and search engine marketing. You’re going to need to find an audience outside of your circle and bring them in.

So I love your hobby blogs, and I love your pro blogs and I love watching when your hobby blog turns into a pro blog but they are not the same thing.