The Myth of Balancing Work & Kids

Jessica Gottleib is a public speaker & blogger ( In this video she discusses the myth of balancing work & kids.

  1. Multi-tasking is a fantasy
  2. Separate work & living space


I’ve been a work at home mom for almost 13 years and the first thing that people ask when they hear that, you know, you work at home is, “Oh, how do you balance it all?” And the truth is that I don’t. It’s an absolute fantasy to think that there’s any kind of balance involved.

Every single day and every single hour, you really have to pick one or the other. I’m either being mom now or I’m being a blogger now. I’m either being mom or I’m an entrepreneur. I’m not both at the same time. My kids don’t belong in my office, and my office doesn’t belong in my kids’ room. But the wonderful and refreshing thing about it is that every day isn’t the same. I’m able to take the summer off and we just hang out by the beach and when the kids are in school, I’m able to add an extra hour to my work day.

So I’d love to get rid of the myth of balance because I don’t think that there is any but you can really enjoy your work and your kids.