4 Reasons Why Working at a Startup is More Fun

By: Jay Samit

Jay Samit is the CEO of Social Vibe (http://www.socialvibe.com/) In this video he discusses four reasons why working at a startup is more fun.

  1. Exposure to more parts of business
  2. Chance to move up the ladder quicker
  3. Instant feedback on how what you do matters
  4. Greater visibility to recruiters


Most people understand the benefits of working in a big giant corporation. It’s stable, secure, but security robs ambition and there are really four great reasons why you’ll have more fun and enjoy your work if you’re working at a stardom that really most people don’t think about.

First of all, in a big company, you’re put in a very small box and you don’t get a lot of exposure to anything outside of that box. In a small company, you’re going to wear a lot of hats and get to try things. Some things you learn that you’re very good at and equally important you learn other things that you’re not. So that exposure to more parts of business is invaluable for your whole career.

Second, a small company turns into a larger company which means you get to grow and move up the ladder quicker, something that doesn’t happen at a company that already has a hundred thousand people that have been working there. Third and probably the most satisfying is you’ll get instant feedback of how you add value to the company. You can see the impact of your work on the bottom line on the strategic direction. No matter where you are in a small company, you’re making a difference and that feels really good when you get that instant feedback.

And the last piece for career wise is little companies that are on a trajectory are very noticeable to recruiters and you’ll be noticeable too and somebody will tap you on the shoulder and then you’ll have the chance to move up that ladder quicker outside.

So really, the four things that make it fun and satisfying is you get to learn and grow by being exposed to more parts of the business, you get a chance to move up quicker, you get instant feedback on what you’re doing and you’ll get noticed by people in the field.