The Easiest Way to Start an E-commerce Storefront

By: Ben Katz

Ben Katz is a serial media and technology entrepreneur. In this video he discusses the easiest way to start an E-commerce storefront.

Since I’ve started several E-Commerce companies, people often ask me what’s the fastest way that I can get online selling things my goods and services online. I say there’s generally two categories or ways that you can get online. You can either take a software as a service approach or a Cloud based approach or you can do a servers side approach where you run your own software.

The first is the Cloud based approach. The easiest thing to do is sign up for an account with Volusion or BigCommerce. These are two of the leading softwares that service E-Commerce cart solution providers and effectively they offer software where on the web through your Safari or Internet Explorer or Firefox browser you can upload photos that are pictures of your products, set prices, type in product attributes and product names and input your Paypal account information and other payments information and literally immediately set up an E-Commerce company. It’s probably the easiest way to go is to use Volusion or BigCommerce.

If you’re a little more advance then you need a little more customization. You might consider a server sized solution. Only do this if you have a budget at least $5,000 per year to spend on changes and really desire customization. If you do this look at the three leaders. My favorite is Drupal. Using Uber Cart but you can also use Magento or Zen Cart. All of these are software platforms that enable the exact same thing but instead of being hosted by someone else they’re being hosted by a server that you setup your self say at a media temple or a rack space.

So again there’s two routes to setting up an instant E-Commerce store and it only takes a hard weekend of work to do it and the easy way is to go with a Cloud based solution like a Volusion or BigCommerce and that’s what I would recommend to someone who’s just getting into this business.