Selling More Using Paypal for Your Online Business

Ben Katz is a serial media and technology entrepreneur. In this video he discusses the topic of selling more for your online business by using Paypal.

  1. Paypal is the most secure for online payments
  2. "Website payments standard” links out to
  3. "Website payments pro” is built into your site
  4. Paypal easily enables online credit card payments
  5. Credit cards, bank


Since I started a web company before that sell merchandise online a lot of people ask me how can I use Paypal to make my online business more successful. So generally speaking when you’re an online company you have a shopping cart and customers add products to shopping cart, fill out their shipping information and need a way to pay.

I think that Paypal is the best way to quickly turn on a good way to pay and I think that because that you will convert more customers to paying customers by using Paypal because Paypal implies trust. It’s implies security and it improves your access for payment options for your internet potential international customers that might be visiting your site but you don’t convert now.

There’s two million ways to work with Paypal. One is Paypal Standard and Web and one is Paypal Web Payments Pro. Paypal Standard is effectively a solution where once a customer presses a button they get transferred to where after they log in.

Paypal Payments Pro is a non-hosted solution where you build it into your own cart. Both of them are pretty easy but if you’re a complete novice at E-Commerce, you probably want to go to with the Standard Option because it is easier to set up.

It’s the difference between saying our work that almost anyone can do and three hours of developer time that you might have to pay someone $50 an hour to do for you and you could find that person on Craigslist.

The great thing about Paypal is that it will let you pay with your Paypal balance but it will also enable you to accept credit cards on your website and that’s the most important thing. So to recap Paypal’s a great way to improve your conversions of your customers and I think it’s the single best way to turn on a full featured suite of payment solutions for your E-Commerce company. Good luck.