How to Load a Paypal Account with Cash Using MoneyPak

Ben Katz is a serial media and technology entrepreneur. In this video he speaks on how to load a paypal account with cash using MoneyPak.

  1. using MoneyPak.
  2. Use cash to charge MoneyPak card.
  3. Log into & click "add funds"


Since I work in payments and specialize in payments for the under bank and the cash customer. A lot of people asked me how do I shop online or move online money with cash. There are a coupleof good ways of moving money online with cash but the best way is to use Paypal in conjunction with MoneyPak.

MoneyPak is a product that sits in the shelf that most major retailers including Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aide, Circle K, 7-Eleven, Ralphs, and many more across the Unite States. It's 495. What you do is you pick one of these up. It's many places through out the store usually near the gift card rack but next to the gift card rack and you take this to the cashier and hand her or him whatever amount of money you want to transfer between $20 and $1000. And, at that point you, and you pay it for a fee of 495 or less and at that point, the scratch off number in the back is now worth whatever you handed to the clerk. You can now go online to You log in. You press the add funds button on the top menu and you're presented with 3 options. The third of which is add funds using MoneyPak. You scratch off the number in the back, type in the pin number and press confirm and you instantly have whatever amount you paid to the clerk at the retail store added to your Paypal account in real time.

You can go shopping. Anywhere the Paypal is accepted and you can transfer money to peers both domestically and internationally. So, if you need to shop online or do things online with cash, a great way to do it is using Paypal powered by MonayPak.