How to get your first big sale?

Michael Glazer is the Founder & CEO of Back At You ( In this video he discusses how to get your first big sale.

  1. Get friends to use it.
  2. Give it away for free.
  3. Leverage that to get a big client.


Getting your big sale is really, really important to your business. It doesn’t happen overnight.

The first thing you need to do is you need to get your friends using it, okay? You know, use your friends to put it, you know, to use your service or product, that’s number one.

Two, once you have people using it, give it away for-- to some people for free. So, you have some small businesses as presumably your friends using it. Next is to get some medium size businesses and show them that you friends are using it but don’t tell them your friends, okay?

So, now have some small business using it then you have some people using it for free for now the medium size businesses. And then you leverage that to get a big client. And then you can start talking to the big boys about your products because you have people using you products.

So, that’s three easy steps, your friends, get it for free and leverage for that to get a big client. So, good luck on demanding the big fish.