4 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Team

Matt Edelman is the CEO, ThisNext Inc. In this video he discusses 4 ways to get the most out of your team.

  1. Convey trust
  2. Measure performance
  3. Praise accomplishments privately and publicly
  4. Understand personal quirks

When you’re running an organization, a small business, it’s imperative that your team gives you their best. That’s up to you to make it happen. There are four things I think that you can do that will give you the best chances of having of maximizing the effectiveness of your team.

The first is you have to convey trust. The team who works for you has to believe that you trust them. If they believe that you trust them they’re going to put themselves out there. They’re going to be more creative. They’re going to be more aggressive. They’re going to be more energetic and they’re going to be more lively in the performance of their job. If they don’t think you trust them they’re going to be meek and they’re not going to try new things and they’re not going to be confident in their own abilities.

The second is you have to measure performance. You have to figure out a way even in jobs that are or functions that are less tangible you have to figure out a way to measure performance. Figure out what those measurements are with your team members but then hold them accountable to meeting that performance.

One of the least well done actions by corporate leaders in small businesses is praising accomplishments. If you praise people privately and publicly and you give them congratulatory messages and you make them feel like they are doing things that matter they will perform better.

And the final tip I would offer is every one on your team has personal quirks. If they are married they’re going to react differently to certain things than if they’re single. If they’re younger they’re going to react differently to things compared to someone who’s older. Men and women react differently to certain types of motivation and inspiration. You have to get to know those personal quirks in order for your team members to feel like you understand them and then they will do better work for you. Those four things will help you immensely in getting the most out of the people who are the lifeblood of your organization.