Convince -- Then Persuade

"Perhaps the most frustrating experience a salesperson has is to gain agreement from the customer that yes, the product is good; yes, it will save money; yes, he does need it; yes he would like to have it; yes, he really could afford the payments; but no, he is not going to buy. Many times, this indicates that the prospect has been convinced of the merits -- or at least appears to be convinced and "sold" -- but he has not been persuaded to take action. ... The questions are: (a) How do you persuade people? and (b) What is persuasion? The answers are (a) You don't "tell" them, you "ask" them; and (b) persuasion derives from the French, "to give good advice in advance." ... In the world of selling you look for the [prospect's need] so you can strengthen it by selling him your goods and services. Yes, the sales process is something we do for the prospect and not to the prospect. Conclusion: If you are truly professional, you will seek every legitimate means for persuading the prospect to take action for his or her benefit. From: Secrets of Closing the Sale (c) 1984, 2003 Zig Ziglar Published by Fleming H. Revell LCM-018-007945 "