Facebook Page Basics for Your Business

Melissa Lanz is the Founder & CEO, The Fresh 20 (www.thefresh20.com). In this video she discusses the basics of setting-up a Facebook page for your business.

  1. Secure your URL
  2. Create a welcome page
  3. Link to an opt-in email
  4. Post daily
  5. Respond

Facebook is a great way for entrepreneurs to put their business entity online before they even have a website or if their website isn't getting as much traffic. And, there are some basic stuff that you can have to put in together a corporate business Facebook page.

The first is securing your URL and you can put up your page but you want to get your personalized URL but you have to have 50 followers in order to do that. So, a nice trick that I do is I put up the page and I then I hit all my friends and all of your personal Facebook and say please go like this page. And, once you get to 50 then you can, you know, apply and search and make sure that you can get your own personalized URL.

Another is to create a welcome page. And, there's a whole bunch of services out there that can help you build an automated web page for less than $50 and it just gives your Facebook page a little bit of design and it gives people place to land. So, it could also be considered to be a landing page instead of landing on the news page and you can say anything you want on that landing page and have graphics on that landing page. And, even you can give them, give away something like if they click the like button, then they might get something from you, a piece of information. And, it just gives them a reason to click like for that page.

Another really important thing is to have a link to you often for your regular website or business entity. And, you can do that through any of the auto responder companies like constant contact or a Webber and that way not only you are capturing that like but you can actually capture that e-mail as well so that you can market to them later and I mean an e-mail is a great thing to have as a business to be able to market directly to your customer.

And, the other thing about Facebook page is for business is post daily. Provide contact to them. Provide information to them. Not only about your business but about other things as well and respond. I mean you might only have 75 people on your Facebook page but when you respond to something that they post, it gets seen on their Facebook pages as well. So, you start to kind of build up a presence.

So, getting started with a Facebook page for your company can really be a value ad if you get it starting and keep it going.