Keys to Kick-ass Customer Service

Melissa Lanz is the Founder & CEO, The Fresh 20 ( In this video she discusses the keys to kick-ass customer service.

  1. Provide the answers and document the customer experience
  2. Listen
  3. Be responsive


Being an entrepreneur online, it’s really important to have kick-ass customer service and for me there’s really three things that make that. It’s anticipating the customer’s needs and one of the ways that you can do that is by going through the customer service, the customer experience first and anticipating.

So know what those problems are before they even going to come up so you can handle them in a really great thorough efficient FAQ system and document the customer service experience. I mean, everything coming in you know your systems but they don’t know them so they’re coming in and they might have so many questions so document as it’s going, their customer service experience based on your feedback and consistently be adding to that customer service question response flow. It’s really important.

Another really important thing is listening to your customers. Sometimes you might get a customer service inquiry that is just a little bit frustrated or, you know, their irate, something didn’t work right for them. They might not really be asking for anything, but you want to listen to what their needs are because something on your online website did frustrate them, so you want to be sure that you’re listening to what they’re saying so that you can handle it and the customers behind that don’t have the same experience.

Be really responsive. There’s lots of ways now with social media to be responsive. With your Facebook, you know, company page on Facebook or your Twitter account, you can respond to issues in real time and really help them out.

So provide the answers, be responsive, and listen. Those are really, really important to have in kick-ass customer service.