The One Page Business Plan


So many entrepreneurs got told that they’ve have to have business plan which can take so much time. I believe that you can get everything into one-page business plan to get you started and get you a little bit further had in the entrepreneur game. It’s kind of like of having that idea that you have 30 seconds to get your elevator pitched. And to me should be able to write everything about your business on one page, kind of like the summary of your business. So, to do that, you have to put those key elements.

One of the most important things is who are you. I mean, what are you about, what’s you experience. But it shouldn’t take up more than a couple of—a couple of sentences for that.

And then the next thing that is so important to get on there is your mission statement like what is your company about, who does it serve.

And the third thing to get on that business statement is what do you sell and how do you sell it.

If you can get those three things on one page, you have a really solid one-page business plan that then you can get out and share with others, ask questions about it, and revise. It makes you just a really solid in where you stand as an entrepreneur.

Melissa Lanz is the Founder & CEO, The Fresh 20 ( In this video she describes the one page business plan.

  1. One sentence mission
  2. Say it in 30 seconds
  3. Key players
  4. What to sell and how