How Much Do You Know?

"How much do you know about the products and services your company provides? How much do you know about your competitors? How much do you know about the marketplace in which you do business? How much do you know about the legislative, economic, technological, and environmental issues that affect your marketplace and the potential sales of your product or service? How much do you know about human nature, the dynamics of interaction between people, and techniques for communicating effectively with others? How much don?t you know? There is a wealth of information available to anyone who is motivated and committed to learning. It only takes an internet connection and a few keystrokes. There is no excuse for ?not knowing.? Whether you are a leader in your company or you have one foot ?out the door,? you can improve your position in 90 days. How? Set aside 30 minutes a day to read and study any (or all) of the topics cited above. The more you know about your competitors and the influences in your marketplace, the better equipped you will be to position your product or service in the most favorable light. The more you know about how to effectively communicate with people, the more compelling your interactions will be. Begin today to fill your brain with worthwhile knowledge. Make a commitment to do this for 90 days. You will be surprised not only at the knowledge you will gain, but also the change in your thinking and ability to express your thoughts more clearly. Don?t stop. Ninety days is enough time for you to be absolutely convinced of the value of this program. Continue with it. Few people have the persistence to stick to this program. If you do, you will soon outdistance your competitors. Don?t daydream about success. Do something?every day?to prepare yourself to obtain it. (c) 2009 Sandler Training LAM-001-00093 "