Feel Comfortable at Networking Events -- Act Like a Host

"Paul: "Joanne when I go to a networking event how can I really feel comfortable? " Joanne: "So many people ask me that. The expert of networking is Susan Roane and she has a new book coming out that she wrote, How to Work a Room was one of them. You need to get several of her books and read them because she has a step by step process of things you can do to feel comfortable at a networking event. I say overall over arching just go to have a good time. If you do that so much of the anxiety we feel and the discomfort just falls away. Sometimes what I tell people is, if you were hosting a party what would you do? You would go up to people, if it were your home or at an event, and would you talk to them and you make sure people know each other? Be like a host, have a good time and don't worry about anything else. In the meantime get Susan Roane's books. She is the expert on networking. " (c) 2008 Joanne S. Black LAM-001-00168 "