Prospecting Through Networking

"I think that the reason some people fail at networking is because they use it as telling time. They do something like this: ?Hi my name is Alice Heiman and I help companies increase sales. I am a sales consultant and my process is the best. Your company could definitely benefit from having me work with your salespeople; in fact if you have a minute right now I can tell you all about how I can help you.? These are the type of people you want to run from. They are the reason that many people refuse to go out and network. When I am at a networking event I don?t want to be trapped with one person all evening, I am there to meet people and get to know them. No one wants to be sold to and besides you don?t even know if they are a prospect, so it can be a complete waste of your time and theirs. Selling is not telling and this approach puts people off in any situation. Networking time is not time selling anyway. Networking is connecting with people, building relationships, and learning about others and what they do. Once you have connected with someone and built a rapport, if they seem to be a prospect you can connect with them after the event. Call to schedule a meeting to learn more about them and what they are trying to accomplish. Offer to help them in some way by making an introduction or providing a resource. As you build rapport and understand the person?s needs you will be in a position to sell to them if they need your solution. (c) 2010 Alice Heiman, LLC LAM-001-00434 "