Goals in New Businesses and Startups: Venture Capitalist

Kyle Murphy is a Technology CEO and investor. In this video he discusses the goals of a new business from an venture capitalist's perspective

  1. Looking for a good team
  2. How big can you grow
  3. What risks can prevent success


The goal of the venture capitalist in the business and something in there to start up is different. I’ve been a VC, I’ve been an angel investor, and I’ve been an entrepreneur at [Trace] Capital. And it’s a very different, you know, level of what you’re looking for.

The VC really is looking for a good team because they know that the idea and need in the market is going to change with that good team. And a good team can get you through that. So, if you have hold on your team, make sure you address that we’re going to fill up when we get funding for it.

And then the next thing is how big you can go. They’re not looking for conservative vestments. They build discount whatever you tell him as what is likely. Tell him what is the big picture of where to go and then where you think it’s going to go and let them to just count them if they want to the idea.

And then, the other piece they are looking for is what risk can prevent that success. So, the risk managing and what are things, if I put 10 million or three million to a company or going to help take it big. And well, if it needs another three rounds of funding, that’s fine but I want to understand what risk can prevent that to happen. So, those are really the key pieces that I’ve find VC is the [most] that VC is looking which is that team and how big you could go once it’s going to prevent us from getting there.