Best Practices for Outsourcing Development

Kyle Murphy is a Technology CEO and investor. In this video he discusses the best practices for outsourcing development.

  1. In-house technical expertise
  2. Build a relationship
  3. Align interests


Outsourcing development, program encoding become really common but the rule isn’t best practice is the help with succeed. What I found that you do in numerous times in multiple countries and even near, just in United States. There are some things that really make a difference

One, is you always make sure you have some in-house technical expertise. If there’s no one technical in the team, get somebody. Just who can give you that insight to it.

Second, is building relationship with the outsourcing [development]. Make sure you meet them one-on-one. Make sure you understand how they are working in the dynamics of communication. And then continue that. Make sure you meet them at least quarterly in person. Regardless, if that means you’ll fly to China or Argentina, you’ve got to do it, it’s a necessary expense in the, say cost savings of the being an outsource.

But most importantly is align your interest. If there is doing it for fig, we’re going to develop this code and you’re going to pass this much. And they’re not willing to take a little bit of the equity or deferred cob. My question really is if that’s the best partner you need for outsourcing. I’m glad that you’re not going to get 80% outsource for equity but a little taste, make sure that there’s one interest in the line that we reached the milestones and develop good code and out good products.