How to do Business in Japan

Anthony Lojac is the founder of Lojac International ( In this video he discusses how to do business in Japan.

  1. Study the culture.
  2. Learn basic Japanese.
  3. Be part of a group.


I’ll talk about how to do business in Japan. The first thing is study the culture. Specifically what you want to do is develop a genuine respect for Japanese diligence, humility, attention to detail, and cooperation. If you feel that genuine respect then when you express it, it would be greatly appreciated.

Next, you want to learn basic Japanese. It makes all the difference in the world if you can express gratitude, apologize, say people’s names correctly, and make simple conversation. And when you study basic Japanese, you also learn to appreciate how hard and long Japanese people had to study to learn enough English to be able to deal with you.

Finally, you want to be part of a group. Think of yourself and present yourself as part of a group. Define yourself by relation to other people. When you meet someone new if it’s an important meeting, the best thing you could do is have someone escort you and personally introduce you to the new person. When you can’t do that, go prepared with references, names of people you know in common and take you time. Near the beginning of the meeting, talk about the people you know in common. Be clear explaining what your position is. You already know your personal network is important. In Japan, it will be even more important.

So if you want to succeed doing business in Japan, study culture, learn basic Japanese, and be part of a group.