4 Tips for a Successful Sales Call

By: Joe Magee

Joe Magee is the Director of Business Development at Cause Cast. In this video he discusses 4 tips for a successful sales call.

  1. Authenticity
  2. Defining the give and the get
  3. A concise call to action


The sales call is so critical in the sales life cycle. It really is going to help you move the deal forward and get that win. Here are 4 tips to a successful sales call.

First, a clear introduction. Whether it's a cold call or a warm call, you have to introduce yourself, your company, and the product you're selling to that potential client and make sure they get the benefit right away while they're on the phone or in the meeting.

Second, to find objective. Understand why you're calling on that customer. Is it to introduce the product or is it to ask for another meeting or is it to inform the client of potential updates in the deal? You have to have a clear objective for that call.

Third, ask questions. Especially earlier in the sales process. You have to understand the needs and the wants of your client so understanding how your solution is going to fit their needs will depend on how many questions you ask and how good of a listener you are.

Last, close on a next step. Especially earlier on the sales process, you need to make sure your meetings are lined up or your follow up calls are set. Later on the sales process, make sure you ask for when you're gonna get that signed contract 'cause that's gonna make sure that you move the deal forward. And, those are 4 tips to a successful sales call.