An Office at a Discount


When you’re a start up trying to keep cost down is a really important thing and office space is often a very expensive item for start ups.

You want to have a good office space. You want to have something that’s presentable where you can bring potential investors and your customers. But how do you get a space that’s within your budget often is way below what you’re able to pay for with street value is.

There’s great things called for fractional deals. There’s a lot of companies that expand too quickly or have to contract for the economy for some other reason and they often have extra office space. How do you get a hold of that? It’s a great way to—it’s a great possible way for you to reduce your cost.

We found that there often there are communities where similar businesses are ongoing. So just internet businesses. Walk the streets. Look for those lease signs. See who’s leasing. Talk to people in the community. They may say a company has been, you know, trying to close down. May have extra space and you go in and basically offer to rent their space and often times you’ll be able to find that those people will be willing to even rent to you the office equipment. Everything on one package.