3 Mistakes in Document Management

Alaia Williams is the founder of One Organized Business. You can view more content here on Docstoc.

  1. Lack of an effective system. Most people have a system that isn’t set up properly, or isn’t the right type for their business.
  2. Delayed decision making.
  3. Hoarding.

I work with a lot of business owners who have issues with paper, paper clutter, and document management. I'm gonna share with you the top 3 document management mistakes I see and how you can correct those.

The first, is lack of their effective system. A lot of people have a filing system that they're either not using or that isn't set up properly for their business. So, if you wanna get the right filing system in place so you know where papers are when you need them and you don't have to spend time shuffling through piles of paper on your desk or on the floor.

The second big mistake I see is delayed decision making. A lot of people build up their to be filed pile or their maybe pile. They're not sure if they wanna keep it or they wanna get rid of it so they put it in the maybe pile and they just builds and builds and builds. And, you know that's what clutter is. It's delayed decision making. So, be effective. Pick up a paper one time. Is it junk? If it is, throw it away. If you need it, file it where appropriate. Recycle, shred, whatever you need to do, make the decision and move on.

The third thing is hoarding. A lot of people wanna hold on to everything because they're not sure when they're gonna need it. Credit card offers are always gonna come in the mail for you so if you're not ready to apply for a new card now, go ahead and get rid of it. Old sale papers, out dated materials, references that aren't relevant anymore, go ahead and get rid of that stuff. There's no need to hold on to it.

When you manage your documents properly, you can have an organize and efficient office. Take these 3 steps into account and you'll be well on your way.