Create the Right Filing System

Alaia Williams is the founder of One Organized Business. You can view more content here on Docstoc.

  1. Sort your papers into categories. What natural categories are appearing?
  2. Create files for whatever categories you chose.
  3. Organize the system into your cabinet or wherever you are going to keep it. Organize for your brain.
  4. Maintain. Whether that is daily, weekly or once a month.


Most offices have some sort of filing system but it isn’t always the right system. I’m going to walk you through the four steps you need to create the right filing system for your business and maintain it.

The first thing you need to is to sort your papers into categories. Lay them out on the floor. Give yourself plenty of room and get to work.

What natural categories are appearing? Take note and then create the files. File everything away. See what miscellaneous things are left and if those makes sense together group them into additional categories and file those.

Third thing is actually organizing the system into your cabinet or whatever you’re going to keep it. I want to drive home that it’s very important for you to organize for your brain. Don’t make the system more complicated than it needs to be. If you like things in an A to Z order go ahead. Organize them from A to Z. If you prefer things by category, business, personal, kids, health, go ahead and sort that way. Whatever works best for your brain.

If you don’t like the system that you’re using you won’t maintain it, which is the last step. File at regular intervals whether that’s daily, weekly or once a month. You need to maintain your system. If you don’t have the time, consider outsourcing that filing to an employee, an intern or consultant who just comes in on a regular basis to help you get that job done.

If you use these four steps you will be well on the way to creating the right filing system for you office which will keep you organized and stress free.