Human Resources

Make the Most of Each Business Day


We’re only given 24 hours each day. There’s nothing we can do about that. So it’s really important to make the most of each day and here are my suggestions to help you do that.

Plan your day before you check e-mails or voicemails. It’s really easy to get off unto a trail of e-mail correspondence and then it’s lunch time before you know it. So spend 10 or 20 minutes at the beginning at the day, planning out what you need to do before you check your messages and then you can adjust your schedule accordingly.

Second, set priorities and goals. What’s really important for you to get done today? What needs to be done at the end of the week? If it’s not important for today, put it on a to-do list to tackle later.

Lastly, make sure your daily goals and your business goals are aligned. You have an overall goal and mission and vision for your business. Your daily goals are more immediate but they should add to the bigger picture and if they do you’ll be well on the way to success. So if you put these three tips into place you’ll definitely make the most of each day and be incredibly productive.

  1. Plan your day before you check email or voice mail.
  2. Set priorities and goals.
  3. Make sure your daily goals and business goals are aligned.

Alaia Williams is the founder of One Organized Business. You can view more content here on Docstoc.