Tackle Your Tough Projects

Alaia Williams is the founder of One Organized Business. You can view more content here on Docstoc.

  1. Pick a place to start. Chart out what you have to do and get started.
  2. Tackle the most difficult part of the project first.
  3. Take small steps. Don’t bite off more than you can chew.
  4. Bribe yourself. Give yourself a goal for when you finish the project.


I’m often asked what my top methods are for tackling tough projects. So I’ll share a few of them with you today and hopefully you’ll find them beneficial.

The first thing is to pick a place to start. Sounds easy than it actually is but it definitely works. Chart out what you have to do for the project and then just pick a place to start. Getting started is no doubt the hardest part.

The second thing you can try to do is tackle the most difficult part of the project first. Once you get over that hump of tackling the hard parts, the rest will be easy.

The third thing that you should do is take small steps. A lot of people try to bite off more than they can chew and they end up overwhelmed and frustrated with the project and then they end up stuck. So if you take small steps they definitely add up to big victories.

The last thing you can do is bribe yourself. It’s always good to feel rewarded. So set a goal before you get started. When I finish this project I’ll have a spa day or I’ll take a vacation. So that way you have more motivation to get the project done.

Hopefully you found this tips helpful and you can tackle your next project with ease.