Tips on Successful Social Media Marketing

In today’s connected world everyone needs a good social media and marketing strategy.

  1. Content creation. What do you have to offer to your customer and the community?
  2. Content curation. Give your audience value through the things that you know about and link them to other resources.
  3. Social CRM. Create long last relationships with your online following.


In today’s connected world, every small business should have a good social media marketing strategy. It’s a good way to reach your customers and gain exposure for your business at a relatively low cost. There are three components that make us successful on social media marketing strategy.

The first is all about content. You want to be pushing your voice, your expertise through these social media channels. So think about content your business is creating; What do you have to offer to your customer to the community? Is it a white paper on what shoes are selling in the market? Is it how to have a whiter smile with your dentist? That’s the first component.

The second component is content curation. Giving your audience value to the things you know about and leaving them to different resources from other parties so they can continue to learn about whatever your business specializes in.

Lastly, you want to focus on this concept of Social CRM, creating long lasting relationships with the people you are talking to through Twitter or Facebook. So whether these could be potential clients or people who are out there in the PR realm that you want to be writing about you, blogging about you, make sure that you’re following up with them, creating a relationship and using that to grow your business.

Those are the three components of a successful social media marketing strategy and I recommend that you get started with that as soon as possible.