3 Ways to Get Past Gatekeepers

Patrick McConlogue is the CEO of WildFyr. You can see more articles and videos here on Docstoc.

  1. 1. Identify your target. If you are analyzing a future partnership, you must learn as much as you possibly can about that person.
  2. 2. Conceptualize a mutual goal between the two of you. By creating an outlying point where you can meet, you are showing that you are willing to handshake.
  3. 3. Be a bridge builder. Be willing to connect dots where you didn’t first assume them to be. When you talk to the next CEO you are meeting with be willing to say, “Hey, I will help you with your non-profit.” You are building a bridge between you and the place you need to be.

It is important for me to be in situations when I am out of my league. An entrepreneur always should be taking on more responsibility than they should. How can you get passed the secretary or other gatekeepers?

Well, being a young guy and a young entrepreneur, it’s key for me to find ways to be in situations where I’m basically out of my league and I look around in the room and say all right, when am I taking on more responsibility than I should and that’s exactly where an entrepreneur needs to be 24/7. So, I found three key ways to get around either secretaries or assistants or even just interfacing a general with the partner you need to reach, with the company you need to create some sort of business transaction or even a sale in general just seeking out investors. There are 3 ways that I use to get around those gatekeepers.

The first you need you would do is identify your target and this is key because when you go to analyze any future partnership, absorb the information, everything that you can about that target and I know it sounds tactically but the point is learn as much as you possibly can. \

Like you have someone coming to you, you want them to know what you do, who you have worked with your own passions and that personalizes the situation and that’s key in the way you look at the next point which is to conceptualize a mutual goal between the two of you. And that is really where you need to focus your efforts in the gatekeeper avoidance program because by creating an anterior point. An outline point where you guys can both mutually meet in the middle, you achieve a standard that they are not used to. You’re not just banging on the wall, yelling with your idea, your showing by that very move, your willing to handshake, your willing to extent half where say hey, I’ve got this idea that were both going to achieve. For example, when I am trying to reach Venture Capitalist or when I’m trying to reach top CEO’s in major companies for potential partnerships with my own startup. I starting an organization that handles all of the student body presidents in the United States, everybody wants to work with that, everybody loves students, everyone wants to empower the underdog and then these big guys like to be mentors. And so when you create an anterior organization, we’re outside of my startup that’s not profit based, it’s about helping people, it’s about building potential, it’s the perfect way to say hey, step around that gatekeeper and say let’s meet in the middle, let’s meet with this non-profit.

And finally, the last point to really homerun this is be a bridge builder and what that means is be wiling to connect dots where you didn’t first assume them to be. So, when you go up to the next CEO or the next partnership that your seeking out, your going to have a deck of cards with you, your going to have a deck of options, your young, you’re a smart guy, you’ve got this great ideas, maybe you have seen investment. You got a couple of different cards, they’ve got hundreds of cards. You don’t know how each of you you’re going to play this round out. Be willing to say hey, yeah, maybe I will help you with your non profit foundation for developing inner city kids and or helping your education organization build a California game for analysis and these are all moves that I’ve done myself to reach them in the middle and build those bridges between me and the place where I need to be.

It’s not a direct road, it’s a network of engagement between you and that final target and if you follow these three steps of identifying your target of conceptualizing a mutual goal and finally accepting anterior and alternative ways to build bridges between you and your visionary target, you’ll going to make what you need to make happen for your startup and they’re going to energize your work. Your going to empower there vision and you can both work together to achieve success in life.