5 Secrets When Recruiting for a Startup


Here are my five secrets to startup recruiting. One, make sure every single employee that joins your company takes a 50% pay cut. You don’t want coin operated people. You want folks to believe in your long-term vision and the long-term payout at the end of the day.

Second, make sure that there is shared pain. Everyone suffers equally in the company in terms of pay cuts and hours. That pain will produce relationships and team that will lead to success when your company scales.

Third, ownership for everyone. Give that ownership for every early member of your team and they will share in the vision and opportunity.

Also, make sure that everyone has a veto on hiring. Everyone should have a shared commitment to get the best people in your company. Give them a single veto. Anyone can stop anyone else from being hired.

And finally, hire for skills and culture. Don’t hire someone just because they’re great functionally. Make sure you hire people that are a perfect cultural fit for the company.

These five secrets will lead to your success.

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Here are my five secrets to startup recruiting.

  1. 2. Make sure that everyone that works for you takes a 50% paycut.
  2. 3. Make sure there is shared pain regarding payment and hours.
  3. 4. Ownership for everyone.
  4. 5. Every employees can veto any new hire.
  5. 6. Hire people that are a perfect cultural fit for your company.

Paige Craig is the CEO and co-founder of BetterWorks. You can see more articles and videos here on Docstoc or follow him on Twitter.