3 Keys to Bootstrapping

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Transcribed article based on the video above.

So after taking care of an employee’s salary and essential health benefits needs, the top three things you can do from them are misunderstood by business owners. Employees prioritize appreciation, sympathy and involvement.

1. Appreciation is saying thank you, acknowledging their contribution to the company. It doesn’t cost you anything and it’s a great priority to the employee.

2. Sympathy is caring about the individual needs of your employees, helping them find a place to work, or if something goes wrong with their car, actually sympathizing with their needs as a person.

3. Actually involve them in your business. Give them big challenges to reach out for. Involve them with decisions and key projects. Those are the employee priorities

Appreciate them, sympathize with them and involve them with your company. You don’t have to just focus on salary, job focus, and entitlement.