3 Keys to QR Codes Helping Your Business

QR codes are a fantastic new technology and unfortunately a lot of people are using them wrong. The fundamental ways in which you should think about how they can support your business and drive your business objectives are activation, engagement, and measurability. When we talk about activation it really hits on the title of “solomo”, which is a buzz word being thrown around quite a bit right now: social, local, and mobile. QR codes are a fantastic way to take something that has been offline and match it with your online efforts for the first time.

When I say activation, I say it is immediate. Where previously you forced a person to see your poster, remember it, and go home and look you up. You can now have them take out their mobile phone, use any barcode scanning app and get to the content that you’ve defined for them, so they are activated right there.

Engagement gives them something of value, rich media that you can’t represent in the flyer, like a music video, MP3 download or a trailer and once they are doing that, really measure what they are doing once you have activated them. This becomes a beautiful thing because your real world advertising for the first time can have an element of ROI, which is return on investment. All that billboard space you have taken out or bus stop ads you are running, instead of knowing an estimate of traffic, you can have real world engagement and metrics you wouldn’t have previously.

So that is a fantastic way QR codes can help your business activate, engage, and measure.

Matthias Galica is the founder and CEO of ShareSquare. You can read more of his posts here on Docstoc or check out his product and blog at getsharesquare.com.