3 Keys to Pitching to Investors

Transcribed article based on the video above.

So three tips for pitching to investors that entrepreneurs often miss are…

1. Keep it short. Keep the presentation short and power point at twenty to thirty slides at most, definitely don’t have one-hundred and fifty power point slides. They’ve only got so much time and they just want to hear about your company.

2. Don’t get to technical. Often those that have a technical background, engineers, scientists, technical folks will go too far into the weeds with what they are talking about. If an investor wants to know the high level stuff they’ll dig in later. Keep from getting too technical.

3. Pitch your background. One thing a lot of people miss, talk about you, why are you uniquely qualified as an entrepreneur. Why should they fund you? What is it about your background that should make this company a success.

Overall, if you keep it short, stay on point and talk about yourself you will have a better success at pitching in the business.

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