Choosing the Best Name for Your Company

Transcribed article based on the video above.

The process of choosing the best name for my company had four main things I had to keep in mind during the entire process.

1. Start broad. Start brainstorming as many name ideas as you can come up with. Get help from family, friends, colleagues, pull out a thesaurus, get online, do whatever you need to do to start looking at the etymology of words, figuring out what words resonate most strongly with what you believe your brand is going to be.

2. Speak the name, say it out loud. One of my friends Sacha Strauss from “Innovation Protocol” taught me that it is a good idea to leave yourself a voicemail or send yourself an email from that company and see how it makes you feel.

3. Get feedback from as many people as you can. Email friends, call them up. Have them say the name out loud, can they pronounce it properly. all those things have to be factored in to determining whether it is a good name for your company.

4. Does it resonate with your brand? You have to figure out what your company is going to stand for and part of that is going to be represented through the name of the company, so there has to be a parity there, or a harmony there.

So those are the four main points that I would keep in mind when I’m naming my company.

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