The SMART Way to Set Goals

Transcribed article based on the video above.

Let’s talk about the best way to set goals. There’s a pretty common acronym called SMART goals that breaks down the different ways you want to set your goals to be the most effective.

SMART stands for: Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Right now, Timed

Let me give you an example: If I said, I want to make money. That’s not specific. How much money specifically do you want to make? Is it measureable? How will you know when you’ve made the amount of money you want? Achievable: Do I realistically believe that I can hit this goal? Right now: Is it something that I’m willing to start right away because if not, it’s not a good goal to have. Time: Let me give myself a deadline of when I’m going to hit it by. If you use those 5 factors in setting your goals, you are always going to be more successful in the process.

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