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3 Easy Steps to Acing A Job Interview

Transcribed article based on the video above.

There are three easy steps to acing any job interview. The first is to be prepared, there are so many times that people come to interview for our company and they don’t know much about the position or what we do or any background and that easily solves it in my mind, there is no way we are going to hire that person.

Find out everything there is to know about that company and everything there is to know about your hiring manager. Look at a job description in detail. Every one of those responsibilities and tasks are there for a reason and be able to communicate how things you’ve done in the past are going help and be able to get results to those things they are looking for.

Number two, energy and enthusiasm, please! You’ve got to demonstrate to your hiring manager that you are more excited and enthusiastic about this job than any other person that came through the door. You want to prove to them that this is your number one choice. Even if you go on ten interviews, every single one of those interviews is your inherent number one choice for that particular situation. It’s so easy to distinguish yourself from the rest of the candidates if you demonstrate that you’re enthusiastic about a particular job.

The third is, be persistent. Just because you’re no longer at the office, doesn’t mean your job interview is over. Through email or follow up phone calls you can give more feedback, give more background about you, give follow up thoughts and by staying in touch with your hiring manager and on the top of their mind, you’re going to distinguish yourself as a candidate.

If consistently we do these three things, where we are the most prepared, we have the most energy and enthusiasm and the most persistent about a role, we are always going to separate ourselves from the pack and ace our job interviews.

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