Find the Leader in Every Employee

Transcribed article based on the video above.

I think the best way to find the leader in every employee is to put him or her in situations where they have to be the leader. One of the conversations I have with all the folks that work here is I sit them aside at some point and I say, imagine that I’m gone and the other senior management is gone at the company and you are the CEO and the board is expecting you to get some really important results in the company, whether that is revenue or customers or any important metric.

How would you conduct yourself on a daily basis if you were the CEO, how would you dress, how would you interact, how would you communicate, how would you carry yourself? The first thing to recognize is, what mindset would you need if you were the leader of the company?

The second thing is it’s not enough to put someone in a hypothetical position of being a leader, you actually need to give them leadership. The most important thing there, is give someone a result to go after, but don’t tell them how to do it. As the leader of a company, you often don’t have a path of what to do, you just need to identify the important things that need to get done and find a way to do it. Put someone in a leadership position, give them a meaningful goal, they have to figure out how to do it.

Your job as a manager or CEO of the company, is really only to be there as a resource to help them out on the path they find. Make sure you agree on the result, that is really important, but make sure you give them the freedom to do it in the best way possible.

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